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Where will the journey take you?

Online travel agencies use aggressive campaigns to be at the forefront of the consumer’s mind. Many travelers choose to book their vacation online since this is much more convenient than visiting their local travel agency. How do travel agencies plan to withstand powerful online platforms like And how do they win customers back?

Corona Compliant Travel

In times of a pandemic with containment measures in place, the travel industry faces great challenges - but also beyond this time, the processes that today we see as normal will be different. It's a time to be creative in order to make travel and leisure activities safe and compliant with the law. People are longing to get out of the lockdown and go on holiday. Find out how you can prepare your travel business and make it sustainable with our Corona Protection Point (CPP):

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Check-In and Control Point

  • Identification of guests via boarding card and/or face recognition
  • Scan boarding card via: QR, EAN and/or RFID
  • Contactless control
  • Interactive hand sanitizing
  • Measures for everyone
  • Company-specific content and daily developments
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Self-Assessment, temperature measurement, visitor census and automated processes

  • Questionnaire for risk assessment and documentation of answers
  • Individual user statistics
  • Contactless temperature measurements via integrated sensor
  • Automatic visitor census
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Digital Wanderlust – DER’s success story

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  • The CX Virtual Promoter is used at DER’s concept store in Berlin.
  • The Virtual Promoter gets the attention of pedestrians who are passing by and drives foot traffic to the travel agency.
  • The Virtual Promoter emotionalizes the depiction of travel destinations.
  • The Virtual Promoter introduces DER’s travel experts and their areas of expertise.

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