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Sporty into the future

Advanced technology is a real asset for professional athletes and gathers more popularity among hobby athletes. One can choose from a wide range of digital solutions for measuring and optimizing their personal training and performance. Hobby athletes have also become more selective in terms of clothing and equipment to support their training results.

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Digital Coaching 2.0

In order to provide athletes with an overview of the wide range of new digital solutions store employees need to have a great deal of experience and expertise on their own. AMERIA provides retailers with the ‘Connected Experience’ in order to summarize and manage the consumer behavior. For example, with „CX Virtual Promoter” a life-size Avatar asks about individual running habits, creates a personal running analysis and makes specific recommendations based on the given information. With AMERIA, sport retailers offer a great value and support unique digital touchpoints.

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  • Emotionally addressing customers by Virtual Promoter with the locally well-known athlete Nadine Gonska
  • High customer loyalty by advertising additional offers such as running groups and similar cross-selling activities
  • Optimal consulting level for customers in active (employees) and passive (product presentation) phases

“We are constantly working on refining and improving our offering for our customers. For us, this also includes the use of state-of-the-art technology at the point of sale. The sophisticated ‘Connected Experience’ concept and interactive solutions such as Virtual Promoters from AMERIA quickly aroused our interest. The application in the store inspired us and our customers”.

Michael Kling, Multichannel and Trade Marketing Coordination (engelhorn sports)

How do you ensure the loyalty of your customers?

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