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The stationary PoS as a black box

Digital channels allow companies to analyze and predict the behavior of visitors. This helps companies to adapt their offers and services to the needs of their customers. But for most companies, the physical point of sale still resembles a black box, since information on the individual behavior and the specific interests of the customer isn’t obtained. If there would only be some sort of Google Analytics for the PoS… Thanks to us, there finally is…

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Get to know Your customers

Heat Mapping

Want to know what’s happening on your sales floor? On-demand and real-time heat maps provide valuable details about what is going on at your PoS. This helps you to understand which spots of the sales floor attract customers the most, which type of content really appeals to them, and how long they pay attention to certain products.

Customer Insights

Understand the behavior of visitors and pedestrians passing by. Find out which advertising campaign really speaks to your customers and how many people enter your store after looking at your shop window. Understand which content customers look at when they’re engaging with the CX Virtual Promoter and how long this interaction lasts.

Behaviour in and around the showroom

With CX Smart Data, you’ll get all the necessary information regarding the behavior and interests of your customers and visitors. Creating (incentivized) profiles allows you to gain information and data on relevant customer behavior. The gathered information is conducted in accordance with personal data protection laws via customer opt-ins.

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This is the way you improve your offer

Based on the Knowledge gained from the data you will improve both your Point of Sale and your Offer:

  • Improved retargeting
  • Ability to provide personalized content
  • Ability to provide context-based content that can be tailored to a variety of situations
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Personalized offers and suggestions based on artificial intelligence etc.
How would you like to get to know your customers?

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