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We bring motion to the city

Smart city – you hear this term a lot these days. But how can communities and government agencies digitalize public spaces wisely? After all, that’s were a large amount of our social life, communication, work and leisure takes place. The answer lies in the development of the right type of digital interaction. In addition, it is extremely important that these solutions are user friendly and easy to manage.

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We create smart cities

Gaining people’s attention in public spaces isn’t the difficult part. The complicated part is offering them relevant information that matters to them. AMERIA’s CX solutions provide an appropriate and exciting way of interaction that works well in public spaces. Our solutions assist government agencies with informing their customers, improve public transportation by adding quality to people’s waiting times at train stations, or allow museums to offer digital tours. Thanks to CX Beacons, citizens, visitors, and tourists are given the information they need at the exact time and place they need it. The CX Virtual Promoter on the other hand, serves as a to go place – a place that provides people hands-on information and an interactive experience within a public area.

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Easy management

AMERIA’s CX Manager® is the perfect platform for managing all your existing interactive solutions. Individuals in charge can both manage and upload their content here. Simultaneously, the platform also serves as the place where the service and support of each solution (used for instance in government agencies, museums and public areas) is handled.

How do you make your city smart?
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