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Challenges at the PoS

Many shopping streets in Germany feel almost deserted. Responsible for this development are growing online businesses (especially pure players). But that’s not the only reason. In times of digitalization, innovative business models raise the pressure as well. Businesses like these can satisfy customer demands in a sustainable way and in a very short amount of time. Therefore, they generate high revenues.

Expectations at the PoS

Today, people expect a personalized shopping experience that comes with an added value. These expectations don’t just apply to stationary points of sale – they also apply to mobile and online businesses. Online, it’s rather easy to meet these expectations. But what about stationary points of sale? Just as online, customers now expect to find digital, interactive solutions at stationary points of sale as well. Often, they end up disappointed, since all they find are passive screen solutions (digital signage) or a few touchscreens that show the same websites as the internet. This results in a rather boring user experience. A truly added digital value for the customer feels different.

Which challenges are retailers facing these days?

The expectations of customers have changed. Therefore, retailers need to adapt. Digitalizing their stationary points of sale (PoS) is the only way they can catch up with online businesses (pure players).

A digital system like this needs to

  • improve the customer’s shopping experience
  • use information about the customer, so retailers can sell more efficiently

Retailers and brands need to know and understand the needs of their customers. Knowledge like this allows retailers to excite their customers at the right time with the right offers and/or services, binding them long-term.

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The Connected Experience at the point of sale

Our answer for meeting the needs of customers and retailers is the Connected Experience (CX). This solution offers customers an exceptional digital shopping experience at stationary points of sale. It also serves as a global platform for retailers and brands, since it connects all contact points and allows individuals in charge to manage and analyze these points centrally. Switching from online digital to stationary digital requires

  • innovative content
  • new technologies
  • new business concepts
  • a seamless connection between digital terminal devices used at the stationary point of sale and other channels, such as customer smartphones

AMERIA offers a variety of purpose-oriented digital solutions that meet these requirements.

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Various CX Solutions for various cases

CX Virtual Promoter

Talking to Haribo’s Goldbear – now possible, thanks to the Virtual Promoter

CX Beacons

They ensure that the right information is available at the right place – the CX Beacons

CX Augmented Reality

When it gets even more real than reality: The CX Augmented Reality amplifies the reality of sales areas

CX Price Tag

It provides answers to questions of customers or staff members – the CX Price Tag

How do you digitalize your point of sale?

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