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AMERIA and Mackevision, AMERIA’s exclusive business partner for matters concerning the automotive sector, are revolutionizing the car industry with the Connected Experience since 2017. The two German innovators teamed up to maximize stationary shopping experiences within the automotive industry with their unique end-to-end solution.

Mackevision is a global leader in computer generated imagery (CGI). This includes data based 3D visualizations, animations and visual effects. The company drafts and produces imagery and footage as well as high quality interactive applications. Mackevision also develops technology solutions for creating images and oversees the entire CGI process (from data processing and the creative composition to the final product).

Click here to learn more about our partner Mackevision Medien Design GmbH.

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AMERIA and Microsoft, AMERIA’s technology partner, have been working together since 2012. AMERIA is part of the Azure IoT Red Carpet Program. Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Suite serves as the base of the cloud services of AMERIA’s Connected Experience. This allows us to provide our customers extremely scalable applications and APIs within a safe cloud environment. Therefore, data loss is non-existent.

Microsoft also serves as an important strategic partner in the field of IoT (Internet of Things). Together, we expedite the digital transformation of companies and corporations. How? We provide end-to-end IoT solutions that can be customized to individual needs and used for various purposes. Our solutions help businesses to make sound decisions, optimize their operations, reduce costs and access new sources of income.

Microsoft, which counts 114.000 employees and has a revenue of about 90 billion US-Dollars, is the largest software producer worldwide.

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NEC Display Solutions is the global leader in the field of digital display and signage solutions. Today, no other provider can offer customers a broader and more outcome-oriented portfolio. This impressive portfolio also includes AMERIA’s CX Virtual Promoter. NEC and AMERIA have been working together as technology partners since 2017.

Click here to learn more about our technology partner NEC Display Solutions.

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Messerli Group

In January 2018, AMERIA entered an exclusive country-based partnership with the Messerli Group. This partnership allows the Messerli Group and its subsidiary companies, EXPOFORMER AG and Andreas Messerli AG, to exclusively sell AMERIA’s products and services bound to the Connected Experience in Switzerland.

The Messerli Group provides everything necessary for fascinating brand appearances and communication procedures in retail spaces. This allows Messerli customers to obtain everything they need at once. Messerli’s expertise covers everything from strategic consulting, concept development, creation, planning, and implementation to monitoring success.

The Messerli Group specializes in experience marketing concepts, trade fair appearances, conferences, exhibitions, events, and providing customers a world full of experiences at sales areas.

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Syneos Health Communications

AMERIA also chose to work with a strong business partner when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry. Syneos Health Communications is a global service provider that helps customers in the pharmaceutical and medical engineering field with the development and implementation of concepts related to the approval and commercialization of medication and medical products. Their slogan? “To create better, smarter, faster ways to drive products from lab to life.”

Their service portfolio ranges from medical affairs and promotion to public relations and branding. They also guide and train health care professionals. Syneos Health Communications applies AMERIA’s products and services tied to the Connected Experience during these processes.

Click here to learn more about our partner Syneos Health Communications.


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With over 30 years of experience, epicto belongs to the pioneers of the audio-visual media world. They know which services their customers want and can expect. They are the professionals for: special technology that is used at shows, events, exhibitions and congresses. Goal-oriented and innovative designs, all combined with solid planning, leads to fascinating events in both the industrial as well as in the music sector.

epicto also does the consulting, planning and implementation for permanent installations in the field of conference technology – of course with full-range service and support.

Rent and sales of high-performance projectors, camera and direction technology, displays, LED screens (indoor and outdoor) as well as multi-media software and hardware solutions are also part of their portfolio.

Click here to learn more about our partner epicto GmbH.


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