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How to outsource support processes correctly

These days, a lot of companies appreciate the option of business process outsourcing (BPO). The reasons for this development are increasingly complex processes, long implementation periods, limited staff, etc. If you want to outsource these matters successfully, you need to choose the right BPO provider. A provider like this needs to have in-depth knowledge of the industry and the involved processes and should show a list of trusting customers.

Let’s achieve your goals together

Improve your processes

AMERIA is known for being a highly successful BPO provider. This has various reasons.  We are very flexible and provide BPO assistance wherever it is needed and to the extent it is desired. No matter if you’re looking for consulting, or if you need help regarding your implementation, operation, performance or the entire BPO, we are there for you. Our years of experience as a service provider allow us to successfully manage significant aspects of your business processes as well as entire businesses processes themselves. In addition, our CX tools provide valuable benefits as well:

  • They give you access to our know-how
  • They allow you to focus on your main business
  • They leave room for capacity adjustments
  • They improve efficiency
  • They offer innovative ideas that incorporate an outside perspective
  • They allow you to pass business risks on to the BPO provider

Service & support

Predictive Maintenance allows us to detect errors and breakdowns before they occur. 24-hour surveillance systems are used to monitor relevant devices around the clock. Our support is automatically notified once these systems spot the slightest sign of irregularities.

These precautionary measurements detect end-of-life-cycles way in advance and allow us to perform maintenance before any disruptions can even occur. On top of this, we teamed up with Diebold Nixdorf, one of our business partners, to provide you with an even broader range of services. These include:

  • Global support
  • 24-hour support (by phone)
  • Surveillance of imbedded systems in real-time
  • Agile on-site service
  • Fast and easy hardware exchange
  • Remote support via CX Manager® and RDP solutions

Our credentials? Extremely satisfied customers!

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Global service partners
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Our global service partners: MACKEVISION (owned by Accenture)



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