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Data silos? No thanks!

Currently, companies and enterprises are dealing with a major problem when it comes to managing their data. They are saving data in multiple data silos that are not connected with each other. What happens? The outcome is just as heterogeneous as these systems. This sort of heterogeneous, decentralized data management jeopardizes any big data initiative. Luckily, AMERIA offers the perfect solution for the inclusion of this data.

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Successful inclusion

The CX Manager® - a central system

The CX Manager® is an efficient, scalable, well organized holistic system that’s extremely beneficial because it offers you:

  • a modular system architecture via service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • an easy integration of the CX Manager® into existing legacy systems or third-party applications via standard interfaces (REST / JSON)
  • a seamless incorporation into external systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, DMS, PIMS) via standard interfaces (REST, SOAP or SFTP)
  • data storage, data processing, data harmonization, and data distribution to various systems via a centralized system
  • custom integration of SAP systems, Oracle systems, etc.
  • custom features that are created with your own tenants

Efficient data use

The CX Manager® puts an end to data silos. For or customers, this means that they get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • a high and fast return of investment
  • a uniform data base
  • centrally stored data
  • real-time data
  • scalability
  • efficient administration
  • an overview of all processes
  • User experience
How would you like to utilize your data?

AMERIA will use any of the data provided hereunder in accordance with the Privacy Statement

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