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Time to Act!

Digitalization is a tricky business when it comes to healthcare. The latest study of the d.velop Institute („Branchenatlas Digitale Transformation“) showed that the pharmaceutical industry ranks at a meagre third from last among various industries. When looking at the pharma industry’s level of digitalization, Bitkom Research found that 45% of decision makers in the pharmaceutical and medical sector feel threatened by new digital competitors.

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Success Models: Health Digital
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Bayer AG

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  • Development of new digital concepts for pharmacies and the point of sale
  • Infotainment for non-self-explanatory products and services
  • Patient education and prevention
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Polytech Domilens GmbH

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  • AMERIA’s Virtual Promoter was present at the DOC Congress.
  • Interactive depiction of a capsulotomie simulation (eye surgery)
  • Before and after demonstration of visual performance
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Merck KGaA

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  • AMERIA’s Virtual Promoter was present at trade fairs and congresses.
  • Innovative PR & communication
  • Edutainment: Solving & answering questions in a quiz
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A healthy partnership

AMERIA also has a strong business partner when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry. As a globally active service provider, Syneos Health

supports pharmaceutical and medical engineering companies with the development and implementation of concepts revolving around the approval and economization of new drugs and medical products.

Syneos Health wants “to create better, smarter, faster ways to drive products from lab to life.” Their portfolio entails medical affairs, promotion, public relations, branding, as well as the guidance and training of healthcare professionals. Syneos Health uses AMERIA’s products and services revolving around the Connected Experience during these processes.

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Learn more about our Partner Syneos Health.

How are you digitalizing your pharma business?
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