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Who monitors your digitalization process?

Digitalizing the point of sale often requires the team work of various suppliers: Interior designers, IT-companies, and software developers are needed. But who makes sure they work together efficiently during this process? If the required expertise is lacking, the project is in danger of failing. AMERIA serves as a prime contractor and therefore has the needed expertise. We make sure this delicate process is handled with care and offer you peace of mind.

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Your project will benefit from our expertise

Whoever claims managing complex projects for the point of sale is easy, doesn’t know what he is talking about. A sensitive matter like this requires in-depth knowledge of various disciplines. Over the years, AMERIA has become an expert at developing software- and multimedia projects, instructing IT- and hardware suppliers, organizing global rollouts, and guiding and monitoring hardware-software solutions. These skills are crucial for our role as a prime contractor and allow us to provide you with everything you need. This will make your day a lot less stressful, since you don’t need to hire multiple companies to get the job done. Hire us, and we’ll take care of everything! We develop software, organize IT, order custom-made furniture, and make sure everything is installed at the place it is needed. We have access to a large network of external partners in case we need additional help. Team work like this requires guidance. We provide this guidance and make sure all parties work efficiently as a team. This makes AMERIA the perfect choice for integrated and complete solution concepts that comprise everything from software to custom-made furniture, IT, and rollout services.

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We understand the challenges of the stationary retail industry. Our years of expertise allow us to provide you valuable advice regarding best practices as well as solutions for digitalizing your point of sale.


AMERIA creates a suitable concept for and with you during a personal workshop. This concept entails solutions regarding the customer journey of your digitalization project and discusses content and IT requirements. It also determines how systems are monitored after rollout.


AMERIA has been developing software for years. This expertise helps us to bring complex projects to live that are compatible with pre-existing hardware and software systems.


AMERIA is also experienced with global rollouts of hardware-software solutions. Service partners like Wincor-Nixdorf ensure that your solutions are also available after rollout.

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