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Everyone is talking about digitalization

The winds of change feel like a tornado in the finance industry. Fintechs and companies like PayPal or Google Wallet are a threat to established banks. As a result, banks are digitalizing their financial affairs with great speed to respond to the public’s demand for digital platforms.

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The digital value chain at the PoS

AMERIA is a full-service provider that is experienced at digitalizing branches. Our sustainable and scalable solutions transform the classical branch into a place where customers get to enjoy a digital experience full of relevant information.

AMERIA’s value chain:

  • Consulting services and individualized concepts revolving around the digital transformation of the PoS
  • Requirement management during the implementation process
  • Content development for interactive screens, mobile & online, augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality
  • Adaptable patented AMERIA technologies
  • Smartphone integration via beacons
  • Smart data

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Success Stories Within The Finance Sector

Digital Shop Window at Deutsche Bank

AMERIA digitalized various shop windows of Deutsche Bank with the help of the CX Virtual Promoter. Customers see the branch in a new light – to them it now seems like the value of the branch increased. Whether customers need information on the bank’s interest policy, the real estate market, or the bank’s latest mobile app: Lisa, the virtual promoter, has the answer to every question.

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Fiducia GAD’s Hackathon And Trade Fair

Com is the in-house trade fair of the IT company Fiducia GAD. AMERIA’s CX Virtual Promoter was already present at Com several times and customers and visitors loved it. But that’s not all. Fiducia GAD also organized a hackathon that gave trainees the chance to create content for the Virtual Promoter via AMERIA’s cloud solution – the CX Composer.

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Here’s an article about Fiducia GAD’s COM 16 (published in the business journal „Handelsblatt“):
Warum die Genossen keine Angst for Fintechs haben


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Event at Allianz

The well renowned company Allianz uses AMERIA’s Virtual Promoter for communication purposes at in-house events. During the company’s SGP Gold Event, the Virtual Promoter explained attendees the guidelines of the company’s incentive program and stated the various types of incentives awaiting them. On top of that, the Virtual Promoter gave users a taste of what their “lottery-voyage” looks like. This gave users the chance to explore their travel destination from a distance in a playful and exciting way.

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Valuable Partnership

We are absolutely delighted to have a partner like “Diebold Nixdorf” by our side, since we believe in collaborating with strong business partners. Diebold Nixdorf supports us with matters regarding the finance sector.  They provide global support for all our customers in the banking industry.


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Learn more about our business partner Diebold Nixdorf.

What will your branch of the future look like?

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