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What gets people curious?

At trade fairs, there is no good that is as scarce as the attention of visitors. Since fair exhibitors have invested large sums, they are under a lot of pressure to cover these expenses through qualified visits. This raises the question: Can exhibitors grab the attention of people passing by, while simultaneously presenting themselves as innovators?

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Get all you need from one source

AMERIA is a full solution provider. That means you’ll only need one source to get all the things you need for your events and trade fairs – us. We do everything from creating your concept and content to installing exhibition booths. Find out more about our services at CX Full Solution.

All solutions for trade fairs and events are part of the Connected Experience. Forget last minute software updates and content uploads that take place five minutes prior to the opening of the fair. Thanks to the CX Manager®, our solutions don’t rely on your input – they run independently. We also make sure that all the other essential matters regarding your trade fair operations are handled correctly. This way, you can focus on the important things.

How digital is your exhibition booth?
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