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Everything but ordinary

If you want to reach visitors and customers with your message, you first need to get their attention. The Virtual Promoter makes this tricky task easy. Its life-size avatar convinces people by connecting with them on an emotional level. The Virtual Promoter speaks to their playful side and builds a bridge between the online and the offline world.

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Interaction at the point of sale

The Virtual Promoter is an interactive, gesture-driven, 84-inch display solution. The life-size avatar gives the customer the impression of real human-to-human interaction. Just like a human, the Virtual Promoter reacts to pedestrians and welcomes and informs them.

Therefore, it functions as a gateway to the digital world within the stationary sales area. The avatar, for instance, motivates people to download a specific smartphone app (which allows access to beacon-systems) or it facilitates a connection to online and mobile channels some other way.

Thanks to the CX Manager®, which is part of the Connected Experience, retailers or companies can easily set up and control the Virtual Promoter or upload content.

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Virtual Promoter in action

Promotion & branding

  • It accompanies campaigns
  • It introduces new products
  • It’s also suitable for products and services that aren’t self-explanatory
  • It helps brands and products to become better known
  • It helps to increase sales
  • It assists with corporate branding

Lead generation

  • The Virtual Promoter gets people’s attention and facilitates interaction
  • It connects the offline and the online world
  • It provides customer information and serves as a buying & decision stimulant
  • It allows customers to take helpful information along on their smartphone
  • It collects data for additional CRM measures

Interactive advertising platform

  • It monetarizes branch space
  • It sells advertising time to the advertiser
  • It introduces products in an innovative way / it also helps to explain how the product is used and why it is helpful
  • It helps to increase sales
  • The Virtual Promoter is more effective than the comparable media mix. This GFK study agrees with us.

Get started with our CX Beacons

  • The Virtual Promoter serves as a gateway for stationary digital solutions (e.g. the CX Beacon)
  • It welcomes customers and promotes the mobile app (which uses CX Beacons)
  • It outlines the app’s added value
  • It explains how to download the app
  • It provides set-up tips and quick-start tips

How do you surprise your customers?


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