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Digital price tag? Excellent!

Digitalization doesn’t exclude price tags. Analogue price tags made from paper are becoming a thing of the past. CX Price Tags allow the stationary trade to display product information coherently via various channels.

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We add spice to the price

The CX Price Tag digitalizes price labels and makes sure the interaction with customers at showrooms and sales floors is spot-on. In addition, the CX Price Tag offers relevant, detail-oriented information that’s consistently up-to-date.

  • It ensures time and cost-efficient pricing
  • It provides basic information and pictures for showcased products
  • It leaves room for individual configuration – you can adjust parameters and adapt prices
  • It breaks down the total costs
  • It provides detailed information regarding production, origin and technical specifications
  • It introduces non-self-explanatory products in an informative and interactive way
  • It provides digital take-away – the customer takes the information along on his smartphone
  • It allows the customer to share information on social media
  • The CX Price Tag also functions as a beacon when used with the mobile app

Updating content has never been easier thanks to the Connected Experience. Our cloud-based CX Manager® ensures that the CX Price Tag is compatible with pre-existing databases and third-party systems.

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The CX Price Tag in action

At trade fairs

  • It allows you to provide customers digital product information at trade fair exhibits
  • It offers visitors interactive information
  • It generates leads

Use at the PoS

  • It saves retailers time and money
  • It makes sure product and price information is always up-to-date
  • It functions as digital take-away – the customer takes the information along on his smartphone

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How digital are your price tags?
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