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We mobilize your business

Apps are true all-rounders: If they are well done, they result in satisfied customers who appreciate your brand and identify with it. Your employees also benefit from apps, as they simplify tasks and processes. Do you know who else benefits from apps? You! Data about your customers’ behavior serves as direct or indirect feedback and, therefore, helps to ensure optimal marketing and sales strategies.

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We make mobility easy

When we develop apps for our customers, we focus on providing them an easy way to upload or change their content in real-time. Even managing multiple apps at once becomes an easy task with our CX Manager®. You can easily manage the apps yourself, but you can also ask us to do it for you. Since we consider apps an essential part of the Connected Experience, we develop them in a way that allows them to serve as a connecting element of various technologies and marketing tools, such as Beacons and Augmented Reality.

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Apply the future today

At the PoS

Combined with our other digital solutions (e.g. the CX Beacon or the CX Price Tag), our apps ensure the satisfaction of your customers at the PoS. In addition, they allow you to collect customer data that’s of high quality and quantity. Our apps provide you the following benefits:

  • You get the ability to captivate and satisfy your customer
  • They promote acceptance
  • They give you a competitive advantage
  • They allow you to offer your customers outstanding service
  • The customer perceives them as an added value
  • CX Manager®

Use in marketing

Excite returning customers or new clients with the help of apps. Our apps allow your audience to access your products in an emotional and intuitive way. You could, for instance, use our CX Augmented Reality to showcase your entire product range. At the same time, you could also introduce yourself to potential customers via the apps of your business partners. Our apps offer you the following benefits:

  • They provide a hands-on product experience for customers
  • They promote customer loyalty
  • They are created by the technology leader
  • They promote brand acceptance
  • They allow you to promote your brand via your business partners

In-house use

Our apps assist your employees with decisions and in-house processes. CX Smart Data and other applications are ideal solutions, since they serve as analyzing tools, facilitate an easy and well-organized data management, and leave room for optimization and personalization. Our apps offer you the following advantages:

  • They give you a competitive advantage
  • They help you to satisfy employees
  • They support your employees
  • They provide you with ideal/significant knowledge of your customer
  • They ensure your location is used ideally and optimize your marketing efforts

How can we help you mobilize your business?


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