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Isolated like an island

The most beautiful digital solution is completely useless if it can’t be managed efficiently. As an attempt to catch up with digital online businesses, stationary retailers are digitalizing their businesses with great force. This often leaves them with a massive amount of isolated solutions which can’t compete with a complete package of heterogeneous systems. Chaotic circumstances seem almost inevitable. This is where the CX Manager® steps in…

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The all-rounder that can do it all

The CX Manager® is a cloud-based platform that is considered the center piece of the Connected Experience. Its scalable and flexible properties make it the perfect solution for the administration, management and support of all your existing PoS solutions. The web-based user interface allows you to access each of your globally-used PoS systems from anywhere in the world. This means you can manage and monitor them anytime and anywhere. This also gives you the option to do some maintenance in case an error occurs. With its multi-client-capability, the CX Manager® allows you to keep track of sales areas/retailers/branches. 

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A clear structure

You are in control

The CX Manager® is a unique solution on the market:

  • It serves as a hub for the entire content of all your PoS solutions
  • It generates synergy effects
  • It allows you to store data for as long as you want
  • It offers standardized interfaces for pre-existing systems (SAP Hybris, Salesforce, and many more)
  • It serves as a user management system
  • It’s flexible and scalable
  • It gives you access to all your global locations
  • It ensures backups on a daily / weekly basis
  • It’s DSGVO-compliant

Monitor your PoS

All content and data gets processed by the CX manager:

  • This ecosystem allows you to control all your systems
  • It comes with easy navigation (via web interface)
  • It ensures that global software rollouts only require one click
  • It makes switching between different software versions easy
  • It facilitates the central management of your entire digital PoS data
  • It allows the implementation of dynamic application content
  • You don’t need any programming skills to make configuration changes in real-time

Keep track

The CX Manager® serves as a support platform and, therefore, comes with a variety of functions:

  • It serves as a global support platform
  • It helps to avoid or minimize disruptions via predictive maintenance
  • It offers real-time monitoring
  • It allows the live-configuration of PoS systems
  • It allows updates to run in the background
  • It reports errors automatically
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How would you like to manage your PoS?
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