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The Missing Link

Today, the assets of creative and content pipelines are created with the help of tools and their graphical interfaces. But here’s the problem: Once the developing process of the application itself begins, it starts to get expensive, extremely time-consuming, and complex. Why? Because developers have to implement and test what the creative department came up with. There is a missing link between creative and content pipelines on the one side and interactive devices on the other side.

That’s where our CX Composer steps in.


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More Than Just Content “Management“

Our CX Composer allows your team to create interactive applications in a fast, easy, and cost-efficient way. So, no software development skills are needed. CX Composer is suited for gesture-controlled devices and touch screens. It also is compatible with a wide range of interactive and non-interactive devices.

This makes CX Composer the ideal standard tool for developing interactive applications in an easy, efficient way.

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CX Composer Overview
  • Cloud-based software solution (no on-site installation necessary)
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices and screen sizes
  • User interface is based on drag and drop (applications can be created without any coding experience)
  • A multitude of standard components allowing to create versatile applications (e.g. photo box feature or games)
  • User interface is based on drag and drop (applications can be created without any coding experience)
  • Integrated user statistics for all applications
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The Most Exciting Features
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  • Cloud software: No installation required for instant global use
  • Seamless integration: CX Composer supports regular data formats and doesn’t interfere with existing work flows
  • Many pre-produced assets: You get instant access to various assets through our “Public Library”
  • No limits to complexity: Create apps with as many features as you like and connect them with each other
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  • Drag and drop: Add new elements to a scene via drag and drop. Organize elements hierarchically, place elements in different groups, or fade in and out.
  • Familiar interface: To make things even easier, CX composer’s interface resembles that of other well-known tools (e.g. Adobe Photoshop).
  • A variety of standard features: Various different standard features allow you to create exciting applications for different devices in a fast and easy way.
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  • Images: Upload images to your app and allow them to dynamically fade in and out.
  • Buttons: Buttons allow users to take action (e.g. image uploads).
  • Videos: You decide if uploaded videos run automatically or in a loop and if users can play or stop them via buttons.
  • Video transparency: CX Composer supports videos with an alpha channel. This allows you to stack videos in layers and to run them simultaneously.
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  • Audio: Add background music, sound effects or voice overs to your application.
  • Grouping: You can group elements in a logical way (e.g. you can display or hide entire user interfaces with one click).
  • Cursor: If you want customers to explore your offers on their own, you can easily add a curser to the scene. The curser then shows up automatically once the customer uses a gesture-controlled or mouse-controlled app.
  • Positioning feedback: Your device uses a depth sensor or is gesture controlled? No problem: Location feedback elements show users where they are (on the screen).
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  • Timer: This truly is one of the most important elements of the CX Composer: The timer gets activated by a specific action of the customer. Actions can be triggered once the timer ran out. The timer allows you to implement complex, logical connections.
  • Sliders: : Add videos, pictures or audio material to a slider. The slider functions like a playlist and allows users to decide how fast the next element appears or if auto-play should stay in place.
  • Score counter: The score counter allows you to develop games, quizzes and other exciting things. Count points and trigger actions once the user reaches a certain level.
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  • 360° spinner: Use 360° assets to let customers experience your product from every angle.
  • Cloud switch: Poll a web service (in regular intervals) and automatically adapt your application to the results.
  • Gender switch: Poll a web service (in regular intervals) and automatically adapt your application to the results.
  • Age switch:Identify the age group the user belongs to and automatically provide suitable content. You can also use this feature to give users additional instructions. The age switch requires an RGB camera as well. This feature provides a variety of exciting possibilities when combined with our gender switch.
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  • Live camera: Display the images of an attached RGB camera and use the latest image for a photo box. You can also create a “digital mirror”.
  • QR Code: Create dynamic QR codes with this application and provide users digital coupons to reward them for completing a quiz successfully.
  • Image grid: Create a photo wall and retrieve all pictures posted under a certain #hashtag on Instagram or any other social media channel
"Just one more thing..."

Neither timeline-based nor node-based – yet way better!

We deliberately decided to develop our CX Composer neither timeline-based nor node-based since our goal is to develop interactive applications that facilitate various states within one scene. That’s why linear systems aren’t the right fit for this application.

The application’s state machine takes a back seat which allows the Composer Artist to focus on the application’s design and the coherent connection of all elements.

A live preview allows you to run and test the application on a suitable device. During this process, the Composer Artist displays all the app’s states.


Nothing looks as old…

…as an idea of the past: The CX Composer allows you to create apps for lots of different devices in a fast and easy way. It is suited for interactive gesture-driven or touch-sensitive user interfaces, as well as for passive devices (e.g. instore screen systems etc.). The software is cloud-based, which means it can be utilized immediately – no installation is needed. This makes the CX Composer THE standard tool for creating and managing content at the point of sale.


Create content in a simple and efficient way

The CX Composer makes the process of creating content for the PoS a lot more efficient. This is true for the CX Virtual Promoter, pre-existing digital signage solutions at the point of sale, or individual interactive and passive formats. The CX Composer easily adapts to your established content work flows. This means it also serves as a platform that unites isolated solutions. If you’d like to know more about the many advantages the CX Composer offers you, join one of AMERIA’s workshops.

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How would you like to use CX Composer?

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