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Relevance makes a difference!

The massive amount of information grows day by day and minute by minute. Every day, consumers are surrounded by countless advertising messages. As a response, their brain shuts out anything that isn’t relevant. Therefore, it is crucial to provide the right information at the right spot. AMERIA has an elegant solution for this problem – the CX Beacon.

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The right information is provided

The CX Beacons are placed at various designated spots – for example on showcased cars at a car dealer. Once a customer enters the showroom, he is approached by the Virtual Promoter who then prompts him to download a specific mobile app. As the customer advances towards one of the vehicles, he receives relevant and detailed information about the car via his smartphone-app. The app allows him to share the provided information on social media. At the same time, the app also serves as a car-configurator. The system keeps track of the customer’s behavior the entire time. This allows the dealer to gain valuable information that helps him during his conversation with the customer.

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This is how your marketing gets relevant

Location-based services

Location-based services are location-oriented mobile services that allow you to approach your customer at a designated point of interest (POI). In other words, your customer uses an app on his or her smartphone to get relevant information, assistance and offers.

  • Beacons are integrated at the POI – they, for instance, can be attached to vehicles at a car dealer
  • Once a customer is within close range, he receives a push notification on his smartphone which contains useful information

Data aggregation & analytics

Thanks to these services, the retailer receives valuable information which he can use during his conversation with the customer. This knowledge allows him to make specific suggestions which facilitate cross-selling and upselling.

  • User statistics for customer relationship management (CRM)
  • “Concierge service”
  • “Heatmapping”

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Benefits for the customer
  • The customer gets to enjoy a fascinating and future-oriented brand experience that covers all details
  • Each touchpoint offers personalized information around the clock. This is highly appreciated by customers, since it allows them to save time
  • Customers have the option to exchange information with friends and family in real-time
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How do you boost your marketing performance?
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