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When things feel more real than reality

Trade as we know it has changed dramatically over the past years. This development has also affected the way people shop these days. If retailers want to succeed in this new environment, they need to adapt to the demands customers have nowadays. This is where Augmented Reality (AR) comes into play. This technology lets you use the space of your sales area in a completely different and improved way. AR gives brands and retailers the opportunity to showcase their complete product range within small space.

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More reality? More sales space!

Augmented reality is a technology that allows the customer to experience the brand or the product in a playful way at the point of sale. This, for example, gives visitors at a car dealer the opportunity to look at virtual 3D vehicles from a 360° angle on their mobile device (in high definition).

But augmented reality is a great solution for newer shopping models as well (e.g. pop-up stores and concept stores). On top of that, AR is a neat way of getting people’s attention at trade fairs and events. AMERIA made sure that the Connected Experience entails augmented reality as well. Thanks to this, tasks like uploading content are finally made easy. The cloud-based CX Manager® guarantees that the augmented reality is compatible with other pre-existing databases and third-party systems.

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The greater the experience, the greater the sales

Benefits for the customer

  • The real world of the show room is extended with the help of virtual elements
  • This, for example, allows the visual configuration of cars (inside and outside)
  • Information gets transmitted to other, larger screens which provides even more details

Benefits for the retailer

  • AR is an easy and effective way to give customers a better understanding of the brand
  • It facilitates the virtual expansion of the point of sale which allows you to showcase your entire product range within small sales areas
  • AR improves the way you interact with your customer
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