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Internal Communication

Today’s businesses are changing fast and it is not always easy to keep everyone up to date. So how do you ensure that your employees know what is going on? They have to understand where the company is heading to be able to live the change and shape it. That is why it is important to choose an innovative and attention-grabbing way to communicate.

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Reaching your employees

CX Virtual Promoter is a new channel reaching your employees where they are every day – in entrance areas, cafeterias or at internal events, in all locations worldwide. CX Virtual Promoter delivers interactive information, amazes and motivates your employees communicating whatever is important.

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With CX Virtual Promoter, we give you a tool which

  • Creates curiosity and grabs the attention of your employees
  • Communicates information in a playful and interactive way
  • Gets your employees involved

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What is CX Virtual Promoter?

  • Interactive 84″-screen in portrait format
  • Reacts dynamically to passers-by
  • Generates attention through sound and life-size avatar
  • Interaction via simple gestures
  • Communication of information and emotions in a strong visual format
  • Easy content creation and adaptation with CX Composer
  • Central management of all screens with CX Manager®
  • Meaningful reporting with CX Smart Data

Find out more: CX Virtual Promoter

Use Cases

Entrance Area

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CX Virtual Promoter welcomes visitors and underlines your company’s innovative image. Turn waiting time into productive time. In addition, it is the perfect place to keep your employees up to speed with all current developments. For instance, it could be your CEO your employees directly interact with.

Staff Canteen

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In the staff canteen, employees find an interactive menu on CX Virtual Promoter. At the same time, you can communicate your company’s values and vision. You can conduct surveys and feedback to your campaigns becomes instant and fun to give.

Company Events

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At events, CX Virtual Promoter is a highlight for your employees full of games and entertainment. Employees can challenge each other or use the integrated photobox to create an unforgettable memory. At HR events, you can impress potential employees with your vision of a digital future.

How do you reach your employees?

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