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The 360° view is the foundation that makes an organization's relationship with customers experiential rather than transactional – the key to long-term customer relationships and positive endorsements.
CX Manager® enables the seamless 360° Customer Journey
  • CX Manager® is the centerpiece of AMERIA’s Connected Experience, providing the world’s only cloud platform that can manage all a company’s digital installations
  • In a worldwide unique way, the platform enables the global and highly scalable distribution of content, data capture and real-time connection of interactive installations
  • Standard interfaces facilitate the connection of the CX Manager® with common software solutions
  • By the integration into, for example, SAP Customer Experience, a unique ecosystem is created: data is aggregated, continuously enhanced through customer actions, and made available across all channels
  • AMERIA offers the missing link to realize the seamless 360° Customer Journey on- and offline
Visit us at the Accenture Customer Experience Center Stuttgart
  •  Together with our partner Accenture Interactive, we design (are shaping the future of) personalized, exciting customer experiences in the automotive industry.
  • Accenture Interactive is a specialist in the development of online and offline configurators for premium vehicles brands. This enables outstanding customer experiences
  • The CX platform provides the basis for bringing customer experiences to life. It also ensures data traceability to deliver relevant content at all times.
  • Experience the seamless 360° Customer Journey using the showcases of Porsche and Daimler at the Accenture CEC Stuttgart as an example.
What's in for B2C?
  • Your customers expect the best shopping experience – both on- and offline
  • Offer personalized, customized offers and services …
  • … any time via all your channels
  • Seamless interaction: Pick up the conversation where it was left off on the previous touchpoint
What's in for B2B?
  • Offer your customers a personalized shopping experience
  • Increase the quality of your strategic sales and marketing campaigns
  • Increase the understanding of your customers and their needs and interests
  • Profit from customer data, the new gold
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