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It takes customer-oriented teams in the company to get a 360° view of the customers. All departments need the data collected and analysed in this way in order to respond individually to customer requirements.
Offline Data Generation
  • In the offline world it is the touchpoints that provide the customer with a unique experience and generate valuable data at the same time
  • CX Manager® is the central hub for data consolidation and management
  • Thanks to standard interfaces, offline data can be easily integrated into marketing platforms such as the SAP Commerce Cloud. This is how you complete the seamless 360° view of your customers
  • Real-time data from the on- and offline worlds enable a customized Omni-Channel experience for customers
Group 986
  • Bridge data silos and gain consistent customer profiles. These enable you to deliver compelling, personalized experiences to your customers
  • Get a centralized, simple, and secure data management and orchestration
  • Achieve a seamless experience for your customers across all channels – and generate more revenue
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