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The price takes a back seat once the experience stands out!

E-commerce is booming. Unfortunately, this negatively affects the sales of stationary stores selling consumer electronics. Customers often base their buying decisions on the price when it comes to consumer electronics. So, Amazon and the like clearly have an advantage over local stores. But there’s no reason to worry since AMERIA created ideal solutions for brands and stationary points of sale that provide customers new, exciting, and convenient shopping experiences.

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Experience at the Point of Sale creates Value
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AMERIA’s Virtual Promoter is used at various locations of the consumer electronics chain “Saturn” to promote brands like Microsoft, Kärcher, Remington und Withings. The digital version of “Tech-Nick”, Saturn’s well-known advertising character, creates massive attention and explains complex products in a playful way.

Germany’s largest consumer research institute – Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK) –looked into the success of “Tech-Nick”. Click here if you’d like to have a look at the study (published around the end of 2016). CX Consumer Electronics: image-2164606

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Microsoft uses AMERIA’s Virtual Promoter at retail locations and trade fairs. The digital, interactive solution attracts people’s attention at both places and serves as a valuable touchpoint for the internet of things.

“I am very satisfied with the outcome of our successful test run of AMERIA’s Virtual Promoter at our Saturn locations. The interactive tool enriched the shopping experience of our customers at the PoS tremendously and therefore serves as a good starting point for further concepts in the field of digital interactive signage.“

CX Consumer Electronics: image-6038044Martin Wild, Chief Digital Officer, MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group

The Virtual Promoter demonstrates AMERIA’s innovative capabilities and provides a customer-friendly way of digital transformation. Due to AMERIA’s future-driven scenario for Azure, AMERIA became an important and strategic IoT partner for Microsoft.”

CX Consumer Electronics: image-8544527Xenia Giese, Industry Solution Executive Retail & Consumer Goods, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

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