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Lots of people are talking about digitalization, but …

… do they truly understand what this entails? AMERIA precisely understands the challenges retailers face these days. We are familiar with the requirements of digital solutions and know how to implement them correctly. Our expertise stems from a large amount of consulting projects. We’d be delighted to share our valuable knowledge with you during personal workshops or consulting projects.

Our various workshop models

Innovation workshops

This workshop is ideal if you’d like to dive into the retail digitalization’s value chain at an early stage. Both you and us as a team, analyze your company’s current situation and define which challenges need to be addressed. During this process, we look at best practices of other cases and come up with solutions that match the specific requirements of your company.


Concept development workshops

During this workshop, both you and us will find and create solutions for the problems your company would like to overcome. Which customers do you wish to target? Which digital solutions could help you achieve this goal? Do you want these solutions to be compatible with pre-existing systems? At the end of this workshop, you’ll have a rough concept that shows you how your business should proceed to succeed in a digitalized world. This concept can then serve as the foundation for a joint project.


If you’re looking for a workshop that’s a bit more hands-on and focuses on the technical side, then our hackathon workshop is ideal. As a team, we’ll come up with solutions regarding an interactive, digital approach of your customers at the point of sale. These solutions are then translated into primary proofs of concepts via CX Composer, Unity3D, or Unreal. The workshop takes about two or three days.

Which problems would you like to solve with us?

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