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Pioneering Tomorrow

AMERIA AG, which is based in Heidelberg, is the global leader in the digitalization of sales floors. Our slogan “pioneering tomorrow” encompasses a unique combination of future-oriented technologies. Various companies all over the world use our scalable technologies in their daily operations. Our personalized solutions are tailored to the individual needs of our customers. We develop comprehensive systems that revolutionize people’s experiences in stores and public spaces. We cover everything from strategy to implementation.

All our solutions revolve around the Connected Experience. The Connected Experience entails interactive solutions for designated areas and a powerful cloud-software that makes it easy to generate content, manage imbedded solutions, and collect data in a structured way. This allows you to offer your customer a seamless experience at all your contact points.

You can manage the entire process easily behind the scenes. Our solutions are used in various industries. These include the auto industry, the food retail industry, department stores, banks and travel agencies. We also offer you our support during trade fairs and events and ensure that your visitors get to experience your offers and products in a way that they won’t forget. Our international partners (Mackevision/Accenture, Diebold Nixdorf etc.) recognize that AMERIA is the reason why technologies of the future can be applied today.

What are the advantages for you? The answer is quite simple. Your brand and products become the center of attention and you’ll see an increase in sales. You’ll also be able to optimize offers, tend to your customer’s individual needs, and bind customers long-term, thanks to an in-depth analysis of your customer’s behavior. AMERIA currently has 74 employees and continues to grow fast.

June 2018 marks an important milestone for us, since we will transition into a publicly traded company. AMERIA manages to fascinate millions of people at stationary points of sale and trade fairs and continues to do so at a fast pace.

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